Written by: Jeffrey From It’s hot. You’re in your business casual. You’re not eating a snowcone, drinking free whiskey and listening to music…Let us help you change all of those parts of your life. Come through to our SUMMER KICK OFF BASH this Friday (6/10) from 6pm-10pm to celebrate our new line of apparel, eat free snowcones, sip on some Jameson and dance your friggin’ face off. We’ve stepped it up on all fronts: the new swag is custom embroidered with the SprATX crown, soft as hell, and light enough to actually wear in our hot mouth of a city. […]

Artist Interview :: Mila Sketch

INTERVIEW WITH MILA SKETCH  Written BY GRACE SNIVELY   Last week’s show, The Rover’s Map, was a solo exhibition by local artist Mila Sketch. Born in Russia, Mila developed a love for drawing at a very young age, receiving her first art award at nine years old. After completing art school she went on to experiment with various media projects, ultimately leading to the development of multiple art techniques. Since then her career has greatly progressed, as she is now exhibited worldwide, including in our very own SprATX gallery. The Rover’s Map gave local Austinites a chance to see Mila’s remarkable talent up […]

Artist Interview :: Tony “Anti” Diaz

INTERVIEW WITH :: TONY DIAZ, OWNER OF INDUSTRY PRINT SHOP  INTERVIEWED BY :: ZUZU Tony Diaz was born in January 1980 in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up in love with music and fed his obsession with lessons, playing in bands, and listening to records. As he grew older he started to participate in the punk rock scene, enjoying the D.I.Y. aesthetic and the attitude. This new perspective fueled his creative drive leading to his move to Austin, TX, and forming a record label that he would ultimately use to begin his visual art career. The label required design work, and Tony drew on his past making cut […]

Aritst Interview :: Nathan “Sloke” Nordstrom

Interview with NATHAN “SLOKE” NORDSTROM  Interviewed by ZUZU  Tonight’s show, From the Ground Up is an incredibly special gallery showing at SprATX. We’ve partnered with local legend, Sloke One, to bring to life a photographic timeline of the Austin graffiti scene from the 1980’s until today. In honor of this exhibition, we took time to ask Sloke some important questions to get a deeper insight into the history. SprATX :: When did first you start creating art and how did you get into it? Sloke :: I started drawing as a child. I come from a long line of artists in my family. I first started drawing […]

Artist Interview :: Briar Bonifacio

Interview with Matthew Briar Bonifacio  Interviewed by Zuzu  Briar Bonifacio is recognized as Austin’s first street artist. Today he’s a local muralist, martial artist, and goji berry farmer. We had the opportunity to hang out in his studio and ask him some questions about his art and the Austin art scene back in the 1990’s. See full interview below. Learn more during our upcoming gallery exhibit with Sloke One, From the Ground Up :: The History of Austin Graffiti Art on Saturday, May 7th 2016. SprATX :: Who you are and where are you from? BONIFACIO :: I’m from Austin, Texas. My name […]

SXSW 2016 :: Impossible Walls Project

Written by: ZUZU KELLY PERKAL  PHOTOs BY: JASPER WONG SprATX + POW WOW! Worldwide + SXSW Every year during SXSW our beautiful ‘weird’ little city is transformed into a vast living, moving, breathing organism. The streets brim with transient visitors from around the world, hundreds of bands and musicians put themselves out there in hopes of their big moment, old buildings become clamorous venues and in the midst of all the chaos Austin comes to life. The SprATX family is honored collaborate with our friends at POW WOW! Worldwide and the amazing crew at SXSW for the second annual Impossible Walls Project, a city-wide mural campaign featuring artists from around the […]

Artist Interview :: Jake Jordan

On Friday, April 1st we’re hosting the opening reception in the SprATX gallery for artist Jake Jordan’s solo exhibit, “Two Plotter Projects :: An Exploration of Space and Time” ‘The pieces explore how we perceive information through space and time. The visual aesthetics employed throughout both of the pen plotted series in this presentation are inspired by vintage geophysical calculations, geological maps and the idiosyncrasies of the HP 7475A Plotter. Vintage pen plotters allow the creation of pen drawings that appear mechanically perfect, with a handmade quality. This combination of physical and digital qualities provides a warm, almost tactile means […]

Event Review :: Covered & Revealed

February 22, 2016 By Zuzu Kelly Perkal Austin is notorious for it’s profusion of dynamic visual and performance artists. Brad Walton and Gregory James are two significant local artists that thread the intricate web of working artists in Austin, TX. Brad and Gregory use the creative medium of chalk and wax in conjunction with female models to create compelling masterpieces for the world to see. Covered & Revealed was a showcase about ‘Paying Empowerment Forward’, an evening brimming with art, music, female empowerment and fundraising to support Planned Parenthood. The event took place at Vuka, a “modern community center in the heart of […]

BK Artist Interview // Bacardi’s No Commission Art Basel

Though it is now 2016, we cannot fail to remember all of the amazing artwork and artists we encountered in Miami at Art Basel this last December. December 3-5, 2015, SprATX had the privilege of attending the 3-day art and concert series at Art Basel Miami Beach, an event curated by Grammy Award-winning Swizz Beatz and Barcardi to showcase both visual and musical up-and-coming artists. The first part of the show included a No Commission Art Fair. The fair threw out the industry norms and truly lived up to its name, allowing artists to exhibit at no cost and to take home […]