5 Ways to Re-Ignite Your Creative Spark

Written by: Zuzu Kelly Perkal Creativity is everywhere and is within everyone. Whether you’re a fine artist, a hair stylist, a dancer, an accountant, waitress, or pilot; YOU ARE CREATIVE. Every avenue of life requires creativity, it just doesn’t always look the same. As I know this to be true in the marrow of my bones, I have a distinct understand of the difficulty it takes to truly tap into this well of creativity. We’re encouraged to stay busy, to fall in line, to keep your head down, and to get serious. Well, I’m here to say… screw that single-minded thought […]

Journey Coworking :: A New Kind of Shared Workplace

WRITTEN & PHOTOGRAPHED BY: ZUZU PERKAL It was all a dream… until it became a reality in September of this year when Journey Coworking opened it’s doors to the East Austin community. The co-working space is based on a membership system, so everyone is afforded the opportunity to really get to know one another and build lasting relationships. Since they opened a few short months ago the membership allotment is almost full. They’re crushin’ it!  There’s no denying the recent boom of co-working and co-lab spaces throughout the country, especially in Austin with it’s fast-growing culture and continuous influx of creatives and independent contractors. These co-working […]

Event Review :: Creative Women of Texas

February 15, 2016 By Hannah McMorris   Photo credit to crystal rodriguez   The atmosphere was full of warmth and relaxed anticipation. As viewers from all over Austin filed into our new SprATX studio, friends and fellow artists alike mingled like old pals. Passing the time with a Lone Star beer and bag of Skinny Pop, we awaited Skeez181’s short film, Creative Women of Texas. Skeez, a Houston-based ex-graffiti writer, artist, sculptor, and art teacher has been a long-time friend of SprATX. We are fans of his work, but on this night, he chose to put the spotlight on others. […]