Interview :: H.A.M Houston

We recently took a visit to Houston, TX and made a stop at the H.A.M museum (Harrisburg Arts Museum) in east downtown to check out the warehouse covered in graffiti art. The project is curated by Daniel Anguilu. On one side there are murals created by various artists with no rhyme or reason (but dope AF) however if you venture to the back side of the warehouse, you will notice all the bay doors spell out “Houston, Texas” with each letter being created by a different artist. The inside of the warehouse is also filled with murals however we showed up on an […]

9 Things You Probably Don’t Know About SprATX

1. SprATX is lean but fierce. SprATX is an artist collective-gallery-art supply boutique-apparel line-artist management agency-event space. We tried to keep it simple, but it’s just not in the cards for us. We’ve recently simplified it to “artist agency” to cover all our bases. The best part is we keep all of it’s working parts moving forward with only 9 employees. Our limited number of worker bees buzz hour after hour, day after day to make sure all the operations and services are taken care of with quality and care. We’re truly grateful for everyone on the team that makes […]