How Murals Can Impact Your Business


Mural painting is a growing trend that businesses all throughout Austin are doing to establish their presence within the community. From large wall murals outside of businesses to indoor mural art, the talented mural artists at SprATX knows how to hook you up with a one-of-a-kind work of art. Our artists work alongside you to ensure they capture the message your business is sending, and with a unique twist, your business will get a ton of attention from your mural wall.  


We’re sure that you’ve driven throughout downtown Austin and have noticed the street art that’s on display for our community. What you may not realize is that SprATX offers more than art installation and painted wall murals—we work with businesses to help build their brand. Small businesses, international corporations, and startup companies—we cover it all and here’s how mural art can positively impact your business:


  • Identity: Much like a business sign at a storefront or an advertisement, mural paintings are a great way to express your company’s culture. Designing a mural painting is a blast for our artists. It gives us a chance to take simple ideas and grow them into a mind-blowing display that catches the community’s attention—which is precisely what businesses strive for. We encourage creativity, and SprATX believes you can’t go wrong expressing your company’s vibe and values through the power of street art.   
  • Let creativity ring: Don’t shy away from standing out. The whole point of hiring a mural artist is to enhance your brand and get noticed, right? A mural designed for a business or corporation doesn’t mean it will be stuffy and ordinary. Our artists will design a professional mural implemented with a healthy dose of happiness, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and customers.
  • Curb appeal: It’s basic real estate knowledge: a mundane storefront is hardly inviting. Signs and posters are effective marketing tactics, yes, but a wall mural outside of your business will certainly grab people’s attention and strongly encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Think about it—you’re driving down the same street every day, heading into work, passing businesses, restaurants, and coffee shops that you’ve visited over and over. Suddenly, a beautiful, large wall mural is in the works, and you’ve just taken notice of a company that you’ve never seen before. You mention it to your coworkers, who talk about it with their friends and decide to check the company out and learn more about them. Voilà! Word-of-mouth marketing at its finest. If your business is in an area that outdoor murals aren’t possible, other options are available. SprATX can design a mural that’s just as effective inside your business that people can see from the street. There are no boundaries—we are glad to help find a solution for your business.


SprATX is passionate about everything art and the benefits that artwork brings to today’s society is limitless. Creating custom wall murals for businesses in our community is something we are extremely proud of doing. We understand the importance of creating and enhancing your brand. When you combine the power of art and hire us to create a mural painting, your business is well on its way to success, impacting the community, your business, and the city of Austin.


SprATX can help you coordinate a special event to promote grand openings, attract customers, or simply to celebrate your business’ new mural through a live painting event. Guests can meet the artists and take pictures, and you have a unique opportunity to interact with the public and build brand awareness.      


Contact us to set up a consultation, and we can begin designing your mural today. If you’re interested in hosting a live art event, our job coordinators will make it unforgettable and jump start your business full of passion, fun, and creativity.

Murals by: Lucas Aoki + J Muzacz

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